Dev Wp February 12, 2018 at 04:37 pm

VISTA, CA—January 16, 2017 Wattie Ink., a premier cycling and triathlon apparel company based in the United States, announces today its partnership with Team RWB, a Florida-based non-profit committed to enriching the lives of US armed forces veterans. Team RWB boasts 130,974 members across seven regions of the country and 210 chapters, making it one of the highest profile veteran support groups in history. Wattie Ink. will be the exclusive provider of triathlon and cycling apparel to Team RWB, helping them in their mission and raising the profile of the organization. “Team RWB already has thriving triathlon and cycling communities, and we are excited to bring Wattie Ink. to those groups. Our members are passionate about their sports, and are excited to support the people who support our mission,” says Megan King, Development Director at Team RWB. That mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. Founded in 2010, Team RWB found a group of veterans hungry to re-engage their local communities, and that energy led to a rapid and thriving growth over the past eight years, especially in the triathlon and cycling world, where Team RWB has become a ubiquitous presence at races everywhere.   “Team RWB’s mission is to re-integrate veterans into the society through sport,” says Sean Watkins, CEO of Wattie Ink., “giving them a sense of family and purpose, and our company grew out of a team and is family-oriented, so we see our paths as similar. We call all the groups that make up Wattie Ink. the “W” family, and RWB is becoming an extension of that family—and we are looking forward to becoming an extension of theirs.”   Team RWB will have access to the best triathlon and cycling apparel in the world, along with the pride that their gear is designed and built right here in the United States. They selected Wattie Ink. for the freshness and creativity of their designs, designs that have always celebrated the US such as the iconic US Skulls collection, or the Patriot collection launched in 2016. Finally, “we felt certain we would have a great partnership that will not only provide great gear, but will provide us with an opportunity to bring increased awareness and support to veterans across the nation,” King concludes. “Together, we will be able to amplify our shared stories of supporting and empowering our veteran athletes in reaching their goals of reconnecting with their communities.”

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